Anna-Maria Lawrie is an artist, educator, and perpetual learner who currently calls Prince George, British Columbia, Canada her home. She works primarily with fabric, but also enjoys drawing, photography, knitting, computers, books, camping, hiking, taking classes and workshops... the list goes on.

Although she hates to admit it, the practice of making art quite often takes a back seat to her day jobs, which keep her hopping, as she rotates between a programming position at Two Rivers Gallery, facilitates an Art Heals program through the gallery to various Northern Health patient/client units, and teaches the occasional course at the College of New Caledonia.

Nevertheless, her mind is always thinking up new projects. The hard part is deciding which one will be next, as there are so many waiting to be realized!

You can read about her art-related exploits on her blog:  www.artbyam.blogspot.com