Body Image -- She Thought Food was the Enemy
Body Image -- She Thought Food was the Enemy
Mixed media on paper, 38 " x 22 "(framed)
Not For Sale
  Eating disorders are serious medical conditions affecting many people of both genders. These diseases alter the way a person sees him/herself in the mirror. People suffering from these diseases often regard food as their enemy, when the underlying issues are much broader, ranging from poor self esteem, media bombardment of the “ideal body type”, and cultural expectations of what we should look like. With proper help and support, sufferers of eating disorders (often bright, smart and intelligent people) can overcome the disease. Without it, their chances for survival are slim. For more information contact the Looking Glass Foundation.
This piece was selected to go on tour with nine other pieces of work produced by emerging artists in the Central Interior of British Columbia. Selection took place during Arts Fest 2009, sponsored by the Central Interior Regional Arts Council and Thompson Rivers University. After the touring exhibit is over, "Body Image" will be donated to the Looking Glass Foundation for use in the new residential treatment center that is being developed on Gabriola Island.
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